Going into Power Save Mode

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Productivity Tips

  • Not too long ago, I came upon a situation that I had to choose: force myself to work or take the time to recharge my brain, my body, and my spirit.

    You can probably guess which one I picked. I am going to be honest, it was a bit of a mess for two weeks coordinating with my staff, but the trouble was well worth it.

    Let me give you my symptoms, which I am sure many of you can identify with as well:

    • Feeling like molasses

    • Being in a fog

    • No excitement or enthusiasm

    Crazy enough, we can actually learn from our technological devices. YES! Even computers and phones need to be powered off, shut down, restarted, whatever word you want to use.

    So…if “invincible” devices, devices that are not even alive need to do that, why not humans?

    We humans often have unrealistic expectations for ourselves especially when it comes to being productive, but sometimes, being “unproductive” IS being productive!

    Let me tell you a secret – anything can be productive as long as it improves your productivity in the long run as productivity habits are a long term game. Taking time to reset now, to breathe, gives you more momentum later!

    Let’s dive into my steps that you can take to go into power saving mode.

How to Go Into Power Saving Mode

Step 1- Notice when your battery is less than 20%.

Step 2- Take a breath, close your eyes and connect with your power source.

Step 3- Figure out when you can turn “off” the soonest. Be honest about what has to be done right now and what can wait.

Step 4- For each “has to do now” task—- identify the next step to move forward that will take the least amount of effort.

Step 5- Give yourself lots of grace and mercy to complete the tasks you have to do now.

Step 6- Take the time to power off and recharge.

You might be asking, what are power sources?

Finding Your Power Sources

Your power source can be anything. If you believe in yoga and meditation or if you get re-energized by running 5km/3 miles…do it!

Here are mine:

  • Take a 10 minute walk for a change of scenery

  • Get your energy flowing with 10 jumping jacks

  • Make a cup of tea or something to drink for yourself

  • One of my favorites is to spend a few minutes on my yoga mat in child’s pose

A Challenge to You!

When you find yourself needing a reset this week or this month, take it, but better still, take at least 10 minutes every day to recharge.

Just 10 minutes. Don’t wait until you are completely out of steam. Make sure to give yourself little boosts and recharges as you go.

The hardest part of this challenge?

Knowing when we need to go into power save mode and recharge.

This is the hardest part, but super essential as we, not only take care of ourselves, but increase productivity overall and long-term.

As always be intentional, honest and listen to yourself.

If you need help discovering how to channel your productivity to incorporate “power saving mode” and other productivity habits, book a call with me!

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