Keeping Track of Vital Information

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Productivity Tips

I want us to close our eyes and picture when we were children. Our parents or friends might have hid a few items around the house/yard/park and given us a map to find it.

We instantly transformed into pirates with our treasure map.

If you didn’t have this experience as a child, you for sure know what I am referring to regardless as this concept has been incorporated in numerous TV shows and movies.

In this week’s post, I want us to create our own treasure map- a treasure map that holds our vital information.

What is Vital Information?

First, vital information is all that you need to succeed in life. Here is my own list of vital information:

I have it in an EXCEL spreadsheet, but you can have yours anywhere. As long as you can remember where it is.

The first part are MY vitals – or vitals about ME. This includes even “basic” stuff like home address. You never know when your brain might have a blank and you forget your own address!

I have it broken down further into different categories:

  • Social Media Links

  • Communication Links

  • Funding Options

Next to each slot, I have a link to where I can find that information. For example, for Linkedin, I have my Linkedin profile link there so I can easily copy and paste.

For Venmo, I have my handle so I can easily pass it to others.


Why Have a List?

You might be asking me: OK Megan, why have a list?

Well, for starters fellow pirate, it:

  • Saves your brainpower, matey!

  • Increases the quality of what you come up with when scrambling!

  • Really puts emphasis on how valuable these items are as treasures!

  • Reduces Stress!

  • Makes life easier in general!

  • Helps you work smarter and not harder!

The Gold Nugget

Productivity Fact: We spend 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information.

BY: Martin White, 2001 IDC Stat, Managing Director at Intranet Focus Ltd, Linkedin 5/26/2020

A Challenge for You!

As always, I leave you with a challenge.

  • List out all those treasures that you want to include in your Vital Information Sheet

  • Include WHERE you can find each one

This challenge doesn’t have to be done in one day. It can be overwhelming. Start off doing 3 at a time. Let’s say 3 vitals and where in one week and another 3 the next week until it is all completed!

Here is a video where I explain in detail, around minute 40!

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