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by | Aug 24, 2021 | Resource Tips

I want to take a look at this quote/meme/picture. 

We see a man standing on a bunch of ladders trying to peer over a wall. The ladders are lying on top of each other. The man is definitely not using the ladders properly. In fact, if he just picked up one ladder and placed it against the wall, how it is supposed to be, he would just need one to see over the wall with zero difficulties.

Now, let us imagine all those ladders are our “resources.”

Our Resources

These resources can be tools such as:

  • FloDesk or MailChimp emailing service

  • Asana or project management service

  • Canva or another graphics tool

  • Later or Buffer for social media scheduling

  • ETC.

How many of these tools/resources do we use improperly? How many, if used correctly, will boost our productivity tenfold?

Are we that man, standing on top of random resources getting nowhere?

Sorting Through the Mess

As busy individuals, we often find ourselves taking on more “resources” to help us. Either it be because that particular resource is trendy at the time or because we needed it for one particular task that is now finished and we can’t let go.

I talk about this further in “Keep Track of Your Vital Information” article. To summarize: I gave a challenge of organizing all your important tools, resources, and information in one spot.

But, with this article, I challenge you further.

Cleaning Up Your Resource Challenge

Write out a list of all your tools and resources you use. Next to each one, mark how often you use them and when you use them.

If you are doing this on the computer, sort them in used most to used least. If you are doing this by hand, number them in the same way (1 being used the most).

Used the Most Resources

Pick the top 3 or 5 resources you use the most (depending on how many resources you have in general) and also detail that resource’s full benefit.

For example, in MailChimp, you can use it as an emailing service or you can also create landing pages with it. Or, as another example, for Canva, you can use it to create social media posts, but you can also use it to create Presentation Slides and PDF documents.

Mark which particular benefit you use the most to least. For the ones you use the least, can you use it? If you use that benefit, will it increase your productivity?

Used the Least Resources

For the bottom 3 or 5 resources that you use the least, write out their benefits as well. Just like what we did for the above.

Since you use these resources the least, write out why you don’t use them very often. Write out why you don’t use the different benefits.

Improving Your Productivity

Now, you should have at least one sheet of paper filled out with notes on what resources hold what benefit. What benefits can you take advantage of. What resource is not helping you at all.

Look through all your notes and start tossing resources that provide no value.

For example, do you use Asana to manage projects, but it is only you who looks at it so at the end of the day it is just another calendar? Can you combine your actual calendar with Asana so you are only using one resource?

By combining functions into one resource will allow you to place that ladder in the proper way. And, you can then use the ladder more efficiently to get over that wall.

By removing useless ladders, you clear the space around the ladders you do use so it won’t topple over and cause you to fall. That ladder, or that resource, will become stronger and allow you to be more productive since there isn’t other resource noise buzzing around you.

If you need help deciding what resources to keep and what resources to let go of, feel free to schedule a call with me today!

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