Productivity Basics: Learn and Strengthen

by | May 26, 2021 | Productivity Tips

From my time as a Strategic Productivity Partner, and even before, I know being productive is hard.

It might sound easy, but it isn’t.

And it is totally fine to admit that! We are not SUPER humans. We are just human. And being “just” human is amazing because we are always learning and growing.

Think of productivity like math. There are always basics one needs to learn before mastering it.

Before scientists can send astronauts to space, they had to first learn how to do basic algebra. And even when they knew advance calculus, they still reviewed those basics.

Being productive is the same. In this article, we will dive into the basics of productivity so you can get better and stronger in being productive!

There are four steps in the process of being productive. Think of these four steps as the different elements in an algebra formula.

The Productivity Basics

Create a list

This might seem like a simple and obvious step, it provides a huge comfort to your mind.

Think about when you have gone to the grocery store without a list and bought everything but the main thing you need? A list helps you stay focused on what needs to be done. Especially when you feel you might be missing something you can just look at your list.

Prioritize your list

The next step with your list might also seem obvious, but prioritize it. Number each task from 1 (most important) to….10….20, etc. Make sure to focus more on those important tasks first. When we cross off the big items, the smaller ones seem easier and more manageable.

Focus on ONE task at a time

In other posts, I discuss how multitasking is not your friend. Focus on each task individually. Don’t try to complete two or three at the same time.

It might get “done.” But is it DONE? Or will you have to go back and edit and re-do different aspects?

Accountability & repeat

Now, did you get through your list by the time you needed to? Did you meet your deadlines?

Even if you did, where are areas that can be improved? Productivity is always a work in progress. We discover new things about ourselves or new technology comes out that makes us more productive.

Keep reviewing your workflow and productivity and keep moving forward!

Start today. Create your list right now for the rest of the day, rest of the week, and rest of the month. No time like the present to boost your productivity! The sky is the limit as they say!

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