It is Time for Spring Cleaning for Your Productivity

Get Started with Spring Cleaning

A question you might be asking me is “why should I spring clean my productivity when things are just fine?”

For this blog article, let’s think about productivity like the items around the house. Yes, you can’t physically touch productivity, but imagine you can. Just like you can touch the items around the house such as your clothes or lawn or kitchen tools. If we think of our productivity tools and resources as physical objects, it makes it easier to understand why we need to spring clean it!

Why do People do Spring Cleaning Every Year?

Asking why you need to do spring cleaning for productivity is like asking why do people spring clean in general? Similarly, both allows you to:

  • Make room for new items/resources

  • Remove items that are old and could potentially cause you and your loved ones harm

  • Reduce stress, which helps you focus on more important decisions

Productivity Spring Cleaning

Let’s dive into three reasons why productivity spring cleaning is important.

Making Room for Other Opportunities

Clearing out old tools and resources allows you to see if an even better one is available for your needs. If we constantly use our current one, we might not take the time to search for an upgrade. By spring cleaning your productivity tools and or habits, you will get the chance to look for better opportunities that will be more beneficial to you and for your long term goals. As with anything, looking towards our long term goals helps us make the best decisions now, so:

What are your long term goals and what can you do now to help you reach them more efficiently and effectively?

To answer that, you will need to spring clean!

Better Protection for You

In terms of injury, productivity isn’t something that can physically harm you; however, with more tools, resources, and work that are on our computers and the internet, other individuals can cause you harm via your old tools and resources. Clearing these out can give you an extra layer of protection against online threats.

We always have to be vigilant when it comes to our online material and when we have our tools and resources scattered around, it is hard to do that. We need to gather the “troops,” meaning, take a look at what we have and see how to improve the situation to protect your “home.”

Stress-Free and Focused

One last reason to do spring cleaning for your productivity is that it allows you to remove stress and keep focused on your target goals. When we clear out tools and resources, we give us more space to mentally breathe. Often, the more we have to think about, the more stressed we are as we are trying to keep track of everything. By clearing out old and out-of-date tools, we save ourselves the stress of managing them, which means, we can dedicate that time to focus on what is really important.

The Productivity Spring Cleaning Series

In order to give you motivation to review your productivity tools and or habits this month, I will be sharing some motivational current event stories! And how they are also related to productivity!

You don’t want to miss it so make sure to check back next week for the next article in the series.

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