Take Control Over Your Digital World

Take Control Over Your Digital World

A few months ago, I outlined tips for organizing your digital world. You can read it here.

This week, I want to re-visit this idea and challenge you to put that as a priority this month. Even if you fulfilled the challenge back then, I want you to go back and review your digital world. Perhaps things have gotten out of hand since then? It happens!

This is why it is always good to do a check!

Life is Digital

People often ask me why it matters if their digital files are organized. I always ask back:

Well, do you organize your clothes? Do you organize your kitchen? What about your bathroom?

Usually they respond yes to all these questions, but for sure one.

So, why would you organize those and not your digital files? Do you spend most of your time in your closet or on your computer/phone?

As I mentioned a few weeks ago in my cyber security article – our lives are all about the digital now. It is time we start treating our digital world with the same care as we do with our physical world.

Tips for Organization

The next set of questions I ask are:

Do you organize your physical world in a certain way? For example, do you organize your clothes by category (work out, dresses, for the office) or by color?

Do you organize your kitchen based on food category and utensil?

For the majority of people, there is a structure they follow when they organize their physical world. Organizing the digital world has its own structure.

Be sure to check out my past article about organizing your digital files for more information, but in the meantime, here are some quick steps:

  • List areas that need to be organized

  • Make Family Tree folders

You probably already have some structure already – pictures are in the pictures folder, documents are in the documents folder, etc.

But within the picture category – do you have subfolders? Such as “Italy vacation pictures” and “Family Reunion pictures”? Did you go to Italy multiple years? Did you do Family Reunions multiple years? Are there subfolders with those years in that folder? Such as below?

Pictures → Family Reunions → 2012 / 2014 / 2016

List the different folders and subfolders you would like. Create a folder “family tree” on paper. Then, actually create that “family tree.”

Control Your Calendar

However, your folders are not the only thing that needs to be organized. With everything online, the majority of people also use their digital calendar. I don’t think I have used a physical agenda book in years, maybe decades!

Everything goes to my calendar – which could be Google based, Outlook based, or any other calendar app.

I also talk in depth about calendar management. You can read more here.

But, let’s do a recap!

Tips for Calendar Management

I have 3 tips for organizing and managing your digital calendar.

  • Automate

  • Color Code

  • Set Reminders

If you have followed my content for any length of time, you know I love automation. Automating tasks makes life more efficient and, therefore, more productive!

When you get a new request for a meeting, have that automatically go to your calendar. If you have a weekly meeting, make sure to have that repeat so it pops up every week at the same time.

To help differentiate between your different meetings and events, make sure to color code them so it is easier to see. So, when you see “red” (for example) you will know it means that this event is very important.

Finally, for events and meetings you don’t want to miss, make sure to set reminders – make sure the alarm is set so you don’t miss it!

Boost Your Productivity Today

You now have enough tips and tricks to start taking control over your digital world. Remember, once your digital world and files are secure – your productivity will soar. Plus, making sure things are secure will help with your cyber security as well!

When you have everything organized, you won’t stress about losing important documents or sentimental pictures. In case something does happen to your online sphere, the control you took now, will help you overcome those obstacles in the future!

If you would like to get started boosting your productivity today, check out my Extended Boost program!

If you still aren’t sure, book a free 30 minute call with me!


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