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College Productivity Bootcamp


Hello College Student! Let’s get down to it…maintaining healthy and productive habits while you’re in college is hard! The balance of class schedules, study, work, relationships, extracurriculars, the list goes on!

That’s why I developed the College Productivity Boot Camp – A Downloadable Guide to help you make the most of your time and energy.

You could spend your college years struggling or you could spend them thriving. You have a lot more to gain than lose! Give it a shot.

Hiring a Remote Virtual Assistant | 2-Part Guide Book


The benefits of hiring a Remote VA can be incredible. You have access to people with amazing skills from around the world that can help you grow.

Hiring the RIGHT Remote VA can be a challenge though. This 2-Part, Step-by-Step Guide Book will help you visualize your desired outcome, identify your ‘must have’ skills, create your job post and more.

If you’re looking to hire a Remote VA or you’ve hired unsuccessfully in the past, pick this up. You’ll be on your way to a more productive and peaceful life!

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