Stop over-complicating and find the easiest path

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Productivity Tips

Don’t you hate that feeling when you’re closing in on a deadline, your brains spinning or the people around you won’t slow down and things are turning out to be way more over-complicated than they should be? So frustrating.  Kinda seems like life has been like this since March 2020…

Once you start to identify you don’t like the feeling or the direction things are headed in a situation it’s important to be intentional to stop and pivot. When you change your action cycle from lots of noise and overthinking to productive you change your momentum. Sometimes the best way to be productive is to stop over-complicating and simplify.

So you may be thinking. Sounds great how do I get there. 

The good news is it’s super simple. 

Take a minute. Tune out any noise. Turn off your thoughts and brain.  

Ask yourself…

What is my immediate desired outcome and what is the easiest path to get there?

Spend dedicated time identifying the next steps and the easiest way to complete them!

Note…. If you’ve got people around include them in the brainstorming. 

Sometimes we need to just stop overthinking or over-complicating what we are doing.  Prioritizing next easiest actionable items we are able to direct and simplify our focus allows us to do our best work. It’s important to know when not to go down random rabbit holes of possibilities and stick to the path we’re on.  Keeping focused on getting to the outcome with ease is the best and most productive use of our energy. 

The next time you feel your eyebrows beginning to raise thinking there’s got to be a better way. Remember the answer is yes. And it’s time to focus on finding the easiest path to get to your desired outcome. Be intentional and try it. You will save your brains moments of spinning and enjoy working on your desired outcomes. 

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