7 Steps to Delegation and Holding Others Accountable in a Remote World

Let’s be honest…

The opportunity to connect with people and resources from around the world is one of the best parts if working remotely. When you think about it technology has allowed us to expand opportunities for project completion in ways we would not have imagined 8-10 years ago. We now have the opportunity to instantly to collaborate on projects big and small 24 hours a day working virtually in real time.

While this is super exciting…. it can also lead to increased confusion and stress. I mean by the definition working remotely means most likely never having met who you are working with in person with whom you’ve had limited previous interactions.

In a fast-paced remote world successful project completion requires the ability to quickly and intentionally take control of assigning ownership for all project deliverables and agreeing on an accountability plan is critical to project success.

We only get one chance to impress when working on a project so we must make it a priority to be intentional to take control of delegating and holding others accountable. Investing the time and effort to complete the following ‘7 Steps to Project Completion in a Remote World’ process will reduce your stress during your project and allow you to focus on producing your best results!


The first step of alignment and making sure everyone is on the same page is critical when providing information to everyone including; who, what, when, where, why and how this project will be completed. Cooperation and success will happen when everyone understands your desired outcome, their role and is in agreement with what steps are going to be completed.

Hint: If everyone involved in working on a project has different expectations you will receive the results you desire.


The next step in the delegation and accountability process is clearly assigning tasks to specific people with completion dates. The only way for a task or project to be completed successfully is when each person knows what is expected of them.

Hint: If there is not an agreement when actions are going to be completed they will be completed whenever and that will not work with a deadline.


The third step is ensuring all resources needed to complete the project are allocated. This can include resources, access to information, passwords and identifying people that can help.

Hint: A person will not be able to complete the actions needed if they do not have all the needed resources.


The fourth step is when you sit back and allow the person to complete their tasks. Give them space to complete the work needed.

Hint: The only way a person can complete action items is if you give them time and space. If you are concerned they will not complete the tasks correctly go back to step 1 and make sure you are in alignment.


In order to be sure everything is on track you need to receive detailed status updates at predetermined times. The fifth step of assessing the progress through status updates throughout the project is critical to timely and thorough completion.

Hint: Scheduling status updates and check in times to assess the progress evenly throughout the project will allow you to be sure you are on track for a successful completion.


Based on the results of the assessment step identify and make any adjustments needed so the project will be completed timely, accurately and exceed expectations. Everyone involved in the project will remain in alignment as the project is being completed when adjustments and updates are clearly communicated.

Hint: Do something with the information you have received after assessing the progress.


Accountability is the last step of this process. Holding the person accountable for the work they did or did not do is essential to long term successful performance.

Hint: If a person always completes tasks timely and accurately it may be time to revisit and provide new responsibilities. If a person that is not held accountable and does not receive feedback when lacking in performance will not improve.

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