Creating an Optimal WorkFlow part 2

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Productivity Tips

Be sure to check out part 1 on creating an optimal workflow where I talk about setting realistic expectations and starting from the shallow end rather than jumping head first in the deep end!

Creating an optimal workflow is very important in improving long-term productivity. Within the short-term (perhaps a few months) it can be frustrating and it could seem like you aren’t being productive at all.

But, after a few years, you will see your productivity soar.

Before Getting Started

I can’t emphasis enough to not jump straight into the deep end. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before getting started on creating your optimal workflow.

  • What is the business’ purpose?

  • What is the function of this resource?

  • Will it be possible to build off this resource to make it a tool for a variety of things? (Think Swiss Army knife).

For example, let’s look at creating an optimal workflow for Down With SPP:

  • My business purpose is to help others increase their productivity in work or in day-to-day lives

  • The function of creating this workflow is to help me automate different tasks in order for me to spend more time with my clients

  • Creating a workflow that automates creating blog articles can also apply to creating email newsletters and posting on social media

Implementation Plan

What is your implementation plan? Again, it is best to start off slow so you can see if there is anything you need to support you in this process. Here are a few more questions to help you.

  • Will everyone use this workflow immediately?

  • Are you going to have a test or focus group?

  • Who is the one person or one team responsible for maintaining the resource?

  • How will you document the workflow and everything related to it?

    • These documents can be:

      • Keeping track of the process

      • Reasons you made certain decisions

      • All the tiny details

    • These documents can help with training through

      • Training videos

      • Screenshots

If you need further assistance creating your optimal workflow, be sure to schedule a call with me!


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