What Productivity Tools You Might Match With

In the last article, we talked about your expectations and goals. I also suggested writing them down and keeping those notes handy. Do you have them nearby? 

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read the last article, feel free to head on over:

If you have your notes ready, let’s get started! 

In this article, I want you to go through the different “dating” profiles of the different tools and or resources you might need. Take a look at them and check out their features and website. 

Write down the names or bookmark the websites that look the most interesting to you and in next week’s article, we will dive into your actual “dating” phase of “Finding love in your productivity habits!”

Each tool has a main goal – either it be project management or helping you recharge, etc. Therefore, I have sorted the different tools into several categories.

    Project Management

    One of the more difficult parts about any project is the management of that project especially if you are working with different people AND remotely. Here are some great resources you can use.

    As always, the following resources or tools will not work for everyone. Test them out and see what is best for you and your needs!


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    Kanban Flow 

    Per the theme this month (Dating Productivity), I would post on Facebook: “it’s a little complicated” with this tool. It has been my go to project board for over 5 years. I loved our time together; however, Monday has brought a new “spark.”


    Time Keeping

    One of the second most difficult things for projects and tasks is keeping track of your time! This is even truer for freelancers and those working with individuals on an hourly basis. Below are some options that you and your team might enjoy using!





    Time Doctor

    For more simpler tools, don’t forget:

             Your timer on your phone

             Alarm clocks


    The following aren’t tools for helping progress your project, but they are very important! A healthy and peaceful mind gives us more motivation to be productive! Don’t forget to meditate and calm yourself before working on anything! 

    Calm app

    Insight timer app

    10 % happier podcast and app 

    Be here now network of podcasts 

    To-Do Lists

    This section is similar to the project management tool section. You could use the above as a to-do list, but if you want a tool that is specific for lists, here are some options!

    Google tasks

    Microsoft todo’s 


    Remember the Milk 


    My Daily Planner 

    And don’t forget your handy dandy cellphone!

             Notes on your phone

    To-Do Lists

    The following don’t really have their own category, but are definitely worth mentioning as I have found them useful in my own life, but also the lives of my clients.


    This resource allows you to record meetings and or have the meeting transcribed! Very useful if you need what was said written down!


    This resource allows you to send documents to get signed easily and efficiently!

    Panda Doc 

    This resource allows you to create different types of documents from proposals to contracts, etc. easily! 


    This resource allows you to visualize what is in your mind! It is a mind mapping tool!


    Think this resource is like an online whiteboard. You can work remotely with your team and make edits live/real-time.  


    This resource allows you to automate different tools together. If you need more automation in your life – check it out!

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