Spring Cleaning Means Being Productive in Your Asset Protection

Spring Cleaning Means Being Productive in Your Asset Protection

For the month of March, I will be diving into current events and how these real life stories are inline with productivity! From appearances, they might not seem so, but trust me! We can all learn a bit of productivity from them!

This week, I will be showcasing an article featuring a group of fishermen willing to take on the Russian navy in order to protect what is theirs!

Protecting Your Assets

Before diving into the article, I want to talk about why it is important to protect your assets when it comes to productivity.

In previous articles, I mentioned about using resources and tools to help in your long term and short term goals. I also discuss that not every tool fits every person and that you will need to test them out and decide which works best for you.

This being said, if you are like me, you probably have accounts and your personal information floating among different tools and online programs.

Ever since there was internet, there has been online hackers. Can you think of a more damaging situation to your productivity than having personal information of yours stolen?

Spring Cleaning Your Productivity

This is why we need to spring clean our productivity. It is always good to go through tools and resources you don’t use or don’t use often to make sure nothing personal is still in the system.

You can either delete your account or delete that information.

In addition, this helps you clear out resources and tools that don’t help you meaning you don’t have to worry and stress about them anymore.

Protecting your information and your assets will increase your productivity because you will be able to focus more on the things that you actually use and need.

Productivity Protection in Current Events

Let’s now talk about our current event article of the week involving a group of Irish fishermen standing up to the Russian navy and how that relates to productivity protection!

Irish Fishermen vs the Russian Navy

At the time of writing this article, beginning of 2022, many Western countries have grown tense as there was rumors that Russia was going to invade Ukraine. For whatever Russia’s reasons might be, they decided to run naval exercises off the coast of Ireland. Any naval exercises would have disrupted the Irish fishing industry. The Irish fishermen did not like this.

They grouped together and started raising political awareness in Ireland, but also international awareness. Through their actions, the Russians decided to change their naval exercise location.

It Doesn’t Take Much

As shown by this current event story, it doesn’t take much for a “dominant” force to be fought back. Now, you might be thinking that your old resources and habits are not Russian “dominant,” but they are still a threat.

“Exercises” might not seem like a big thing, but the damages it could do to the marine life and the fishing industry was immense. Just like “old tools” don’t seem like much, but it can be damaging to your productivity (always remembering them and stressing) or due to their vulnerability to hackers.

Moving Forward with Productivity Protection

Now, the question is: what old resources and habits will you be spring cleaning out? Which are the resources and habits you are willing to protect?

I always find writing things down helps me think through these types of questions. I encourage you to write your own answers! Take a day or two and think through your resources and habits.

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