Productivity Spring Cleaning Leads to Stress-Free and Focused

Productivity Spring Cleaning Leads to Stress-Free and Focused

For the month of March, I will be diving into current events and how these real life stories are inline with productivity! From appearances, they might not seem so, but trust me! We can all learn a bit of productivity from them!

This week, I will be showcasing an article featuring a woman who took her dental health in her own hands in order to reduce her stress and increase her happiness.

Take Control of What You Can

There are moments in life where we feel things are out of control. I know I experience those moments at least once a month. One of the things I do though, is write down things I feel are spinning. Also, feel free to read my other articles discussing this further!

Once I see the list of things “out of control.” I start analyzing them – are there items I do actually have control over?

For example, gaining weight. Is that really outside of my control? With COVID restrictions, going to the gym has been inaccessible, but can I do more?

I would look at this and then think – well, I can walk to the grocery store and do more walks in the park, etc. This way, not only am I taking control over my weight, I am also taking control of not using my car (meaning less gas consumption for my wallet and for the environment)!

Sometimes we think something is out of our control, but in fact, it is very much in our realm of possibilities. When we take the time to look at items in our life and make an action plan to regain control, we increase our productivity!

Let’s look at a current event story to better understand how taking control is being productive!

Productivity Control in Current Events

In today’s article, I want to discuss a woman in the United Kingdom who wanted her smile and the ability to eat back.

Hurt Gums Equals New Teeth

Unfortunately for this woman, she was not able to find a dentist for over two years because of the healthcare system in the UK. I don’t want to focus on the healthcare system specifically, but more that she grew tired of having gum pain when she ate and not liking her smile.

She could have easily waited more years to find a dentist willing to help her, but her gum disease was too much and the longer she waited to have her tooth fixed, the more damages and stress it was going to cause her.

So, she pulled out her own tooth! And bought a fake tooth online to replace it. She reports in the article that her gum feels better and she is less stressed about eating and smiling. Way to go!

How She Took Control of Her Dentistry

We might not think that our teeth are something to take control over because, well, most of us aren’t dentists! It is probably easy for many of us to wait for a medical professional to help.

NOTE: I always recommend seeing a medical professional for any and all aliments!

However, this particular woman decided she can’t wait anymore. I definitely do not recommend pulling out your literal teeth, BUT, is there a tool or productivity habit that is just a pain in the gum? PULL IT OUT!

It might hurt, you might feel uncomfortable getting rid of something that seems to have helped you, but is it worth the stress?

Take Control of Your Productivity Moving Forward

In order to become more productivity, we have to “pull out” those stressers. After, you will find how much LESS stressed you are. And, when we are less stressed, we can be more productive!

Don’t wait around looking for help, take control of your stressful items today.

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