Ways Friendships are the Best for Productivity

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Friendship Series

5 Ways Friendships are the Best for Productivity

Sometimes we think that friendships are a distraction from our goals and they make us unproductive. While this might be true for some friendships, not all friendships are like that. In fact, I would argue that even the friendships that seem “unproductive” are still very good for your overall productivity.

I have compiled 5 main reasons why friendships are the best for productivity, but if you think of more – awesome!

Keep You to Your Goals

When you have goals and dreams, who are you most likely to tell? Probably your family and friends, right? True friends, keep you to your goals by checking in on you and asking if they can support you in any way. 

For example, they can encourage you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise. Or, they can encourage you to keep pushing in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Whatever goal you have, your friends will have your back!

Gives You Relaxation Time

And, when you do have those down moments, your friends will be there to give you relaxation time. This can mean whatever for you – either a spa day, a day golfing, a wine tasting day – whatever that can help you have fun and take your mind off things.

We cannot be “on” all the time. In fact, that is very unproductive. If you want to learn more about “unplugging” check out my article:

Keep You Modest

Now, for your “up” times or when life is just going so great, your friends will also keep you modest and keep you grounded. As humans, we can sometimes go overboard with the good times. 

Friends will help you remember where you have come from and your end goal to keep you productive. 

Are Your Biggest Cheerleaders

Finally, friendships produce the biggest cheerleaders. This might seem redundant to those stated above, but it is still worth mentioning in its own section. 

No matter if it is during the good times or the slow times, friends will help with your self-confidence and self-worth. And when you have a healthy level of those, your productivity will go way up because you feel good. When you feel good, everything else falls into place. 

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