Ways to Create New Friendships

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Friendship Series

5 Ways to Create New Friendships

This month is all about friendships. And though the last articles talked about maintaining your current friendships, I want to discuss ways to create new friendships and build out your network. 

Though current friendships are amazing, new friends will give you something different than your current ones. Not everyone can be everything to one person. For example, maybe you have one friend that you discuss pet owning tips with and another friend you discuss more entrepreneur projects. 

So, here are 5 ways you can meet new people to help you grow and be productive!

Join Clubs

The oldest and truest method of meeting new people is in person! Start by joining clubs that interest you. Are you an avid bicyclist? Are you an avid book reader? Start by joining your local clubs in whatever is your biggest interest and then spread to other things, such as what you would like to try. 

Use Apps

The newest way to meet people is by using apps. There are a variety of apps such as MeetUp or Facebook groups or BumbleBFF (for women), etc. Sometimes, these apps get you involved with an in-person club, but sometimes they are just meetings in a cafe with an assortment of people. 

Keep an eye out for next month’s series about protecting your online and digital world – I will dive more into cyber security!

Utilize Your Co-Workers

Some individuals don’t like to mix work with pleasure. And it is totally understandable; however, if you are open to it, see if your coworkers can connect you with different people. Maybe one of your coworkers could become a close friend. 

You don’t always have to look far to find new connections. 


A nice way to meet new people is to volunteer. You might become friends with who you are helping, but you can also meet fellow volunteers or the volunteer coordinators. 

You never know where things go so it is great to try all options! Plus, you help out the community at the same time: big win-win! 

Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

Finally, some could consider this the scariest way! Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Bake some cupcakes or buy some little thing and knock on your neighbors’ doors and strike up a conversation. Ask about the neighborhood, their car, their dog, whatever you find interesting.

Again, you never know where a conversation could lead!

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