Ways to Be Intentional with Your Friendships

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Friendship Series

5 Ways to Be Intentional with Your Friendships

Let’s be honest. It can be hard to keep up with friends when you have your own work and families to attend with. I know I have gone weeks without talking with friends. We all have our moments.

But, it is very important to make time, to be intentional with our friendships, to maintain and grow them. 

As I mentioned in the past articles, friendships really help with your goals and being productive so being intentional should be a priority and here are 5 ways you can do so.

Set Up a Weekly or Bo-Weekly Meeting

One of the easiest ways to be intentional with friendships is by setting up a weekly or biweekly (something regular and in your calendar) meeting or call. This way, you touch base for an hour or two and catch up. 

It also gets you out of the house if you are meeting in person or it allows you to take a break from work or other projects if you stay at home.

Start the Habit of Updating Them

Even if you have your regular meeting, it might not be a habit for you to update them on what is going on in your life. Maybe you just let them talk the whole time or you prefer not over-sharing.

However, one of the best things to achieve your goals is to share. Let them know what you are working on, ask for advice, etc. It is important to listen to their questions and needs, but don’t forget to convey your own.

Be the First to Update Them

Do you have a really good friend that you haven’t talked with in a long time? Are you nervous to reach out due to the length of time? Don’t be! 

They are probably just as busy as you and haven’t noticed the time went by so quickly. Don’t be shy to reach out first. You will be surprised by their excitement to hear from you. If you let fear or shyness stop you, you will lose a valuable connection that can help you achieve your goals.

Be There as They Are There for You

As I mentioned earlier, listening to them in their time of need or helping them with their questions is important. But, friendship is all about reciprocation. No one likes someone who just takes, takes, and takes.

So, also show up when they need you as well. If they need you to attend a performance or test run their online course, make time to help them.

Spend Time with Family Members

Lastly, we don’t want to forget our own family. There are many expressions surrounding family versus friends, but you might actually find some friendships within your family. 

Spend time with your own family members to build those friendships or maybe they have friends that will become your friends. Yes, we want to be intentional with non-blood friends, but don’t forget family member friendships too.

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