Find the Productivity Habits You Love

In order to celebrate the month of love, over the next few weeks I will focus on “Finding the productivity habits you love.” Each blog article will cover different stages of “dating” when it comes to your productivity habits.

Setting Expectations and Realizing Your Goals

Similarly to romantic dating, individuals need to think through what they are looking for in a relationship and what traits they would like in their partner. Productivity is no different.

Check back on the 14th of February for the full article to start your love story with productivity. Until then here are some other articles that can help you start thinking of your productivity goals:

Don’t worry, it isn’t complicated!

Review 2021 and how you can incorporate the same tips for 2022!

Take a breathe with me!

Matching the Right Tool & Resource

In today’s modern dating culture, individuals often find dates via special dating apps. It is now common verbiage to ask your friends, “did you swipe left or right?”

No matter what are your reasons for swiping a certain direction when it comes to your love life, when you pick your productivity tool and or resource, you need to look at each more in depth before you swipe. Not every tool and or resource is made for everyone. Just like how individuals will not click with every single person they meet.

Check back in the week of February 21st to read more about which tools you should swipe left or right on.

Until then, check out these articles that outline more information for picking the best tools and resources for you:

Manage your calendar with these tips!

Don’t let your digital world consume your time!

Tips to use your resources properly!

How to Start Your Courtship

You have your goals, you have some matches, now it is time to go on dates! But how do you start? Real dating and productivity habits dating have a similar path.

This last article in the series will talk about how to start your courtship with productivity. We will go over taking it out on “dates” and how to “play the field” efficiently and effectively. Stay tuned for the week of February 28th to learn more!

Until then, here are some productivity tips that you can start incorporating today:

Give your productivity a boost!

We all need to recharge!

Like any skill, we need to know the basics first before we can improve!

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