Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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Hiring a VA

Sometimes, we just need an extra pair of hands. Maybe an extra brain. If you have ever felt that there wasn’t enough time in the day to do what needs to be done, maybe it is time to hire a VA.

What is a VA?

A VA is a virtual assistant. It is like a personal assistant or an executive assistant, but they are based online. Of course, you are welcome to search for an in-person assistant, but one of your best matches could be virtual/online and based in another location than you.

A virtual assistant helps with your business tasks or other tasks that revolve around the digital space.

VAs are known to help business owners, but they can help with non-business owners too.

You can learn more in my other article about hiring and working with a VA.

    When would I use one?

      There are so many scenarios where a VA can help your tasks are done efficiently and effectively. Let me cover a few:

        • Creating content and posting on social media

        • Organizing your online files

        • Helps with project management

        • Be a middle man between external people and yourself

        • Writing and posting content for a blog

        • Editing content such as videos

        • Creation of fliers, posters, invitations, etc.

        • Helps you find good online shopping deals or in-person potentially

      How do I find one?

      There are several ways to find your VA. Here are some common ones, but please let me know of other ways so I can share those too!

      • Facebook groups – find business oriented groups!

      • Linkedin groups

      • UpWork

      • Instagram – search the hashtags!

      Check out my other article about working with a virtual assistant.

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